Tuesday, February 16

good times

Soooo - I promised pics of the Star Wars Diaper Cake that I made for a friends Baby Shower a few weekends ago ...... and they are finally here! It was super fun to make and create.

I also finished another one of my Style School Projects - a Buttoned Dog Collar! It was SOOOO fun to make and I even got creative and embroidered her name! She hasn't been around the house for me to put it on her, but I know she will LOVE it!

I am currently working on the new baby quilt I showed pics of in one of the last posts....yay me! OH and on Saturday I went to an estate sale and bought a literal ton of fabric! I was super excited and even more excited when I got it all organized tonight......organization is my friend.....sigh. I have a pic of all the fabric I bought, but it didn't make it home with me....sorry.

Did you know it is National Friendship Month??? Well in the next week or so I will be sending out some love to my friends so be sure and check back. There will be a lovely post about each and every one of my business partners and best friends.....the ladies.
Have an amazing night everyone!


Mrs. Nancy G said...

What a cool creation!!! Very clever!!!