Saturday, February 27

Highs in the 50's ...... springtime!

Today was the first day it has felt like Spring (and I have been able to be out in it)! The whole Deitering clan (girls included) got out and started clearing off a fence-line that was overrun with very large weeds and small trees.....It was a muddy, muddy, muddy mess, but we got the weeds and trees down. There is a whole bunch more manual labor involved before our yard is not the mud pit that it currently is, but.....we put a REALLY big dent in it today. We are all feeling it too, I'm pretty sure the girls are gonna hit the hay quite early tonight.

ANYWAY back to springtime! Sooooo, pretty much the only reason I LOVE springtime is because of all the new babies (animals) that appear. Baby bunnies, goats ..... I know babies are had in the other seasons of the year, but they are cuter if they are born in the Spring.

(all pics are from Flickr - search baby bunnies & goats)

SEE!!!!! SO cute! Anywho, thought I would share the cuteness with ya! Have a great night everyone, hope you had a great day!


Oh and I am super happy that Hawaii was spared from the BIG waves, and am very saddened at the loss in Chile. The earth is groaning.....


katiebug92 said...

It was 68 degrees here in tx. ;)
Those baby animals are sooo cute, I love them <3

stephanie said...

Oh my god...melting my heart with those photos. Loves em!!

{eleise} said...

oh I wanna go get a bunny & a goat...why not get a kitty & puppy while I'm at it!? =)