Friday, March 26

Been a Little Crafty

So I took off Wednesday and Thursday (as some of you may know) to 'craft it up' with Krystle. We had a great time, made some cute stuff, chatted up some biz, and watched (mostly listened) some great movies. Here are a few onesies that I created on my off time, I love them! They will probably be in the Etsy Shop early next week. I'm hoping to find a cute baby to model them for us in some pics.....but we made have to wait.

Great News: I got my first pen pal letter in the mail today!!!
It was so much fun. I use to write my friends all the time. I had a guy friend I met in 5th grade and when we moved that summer to a different school and town, we wrote each other all the time. I mean we wrote each other until we were both like 17, and then we lost track of each other.... If anyone knows a Joe Moore from Humble, Tx area.... have him look me up, I have been trying to get back in touch with him for a year or so now.  :)  I am also in the middle of writing my other 3 pen pals! Yay for snail mail!

We've got the girls the weekend, so I am sure I will have lots to share on their "antics", for now, I've got dinner ready to roll, 2 girls that need a bath and I've got to go!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

PS - I have craft night tomorrow night at church, and I am pretty excited!  :)


malia said...

love the onsie-- too cute! pen pals are a great idea... darling pix.