Wednesday, March 10

........yup, I'm still here ......

-found on we heart it-

So sorry I haven't posted, I have been up to my eyeballs in the bathroom remodel. I have no idea how one little bitty bathroom can effectively mess up every room in my house.

- Our bedroom as all the bathroom decor in it along with everything out from under the cabinets.

- The craft room has all of our hang-up clothes in it (yes, our closet is in the bathroom)

- the kitchen/dining room has all the remodel supplies in it

- the other bathroom (which is rarely used) has now become the ONLY bathroom we have. Did I mention it was also the laundry room.....eeeek.

- the living room has become the overflow of the laundry room...

It's just one big mess! Last night I cleaned off the dining room table......I was SO happy. it was literally the ONLY clean place in the house. I am so ready for this to be over, but as soon as this remodel is over, we will be putting down hardwood floors in the living room, soooo here we go again!  :)

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Have a great week!


Jerskuh said...

I know exactly what you mean, love. Our house looks like a tornado hit it or something. I can't wait until it's all back in order, or at least, some semblance of order. You'll love it when it's done!

Krystle said...

wood floor is the bomb. :-)

{eleise} said...

I hope your remodel is going well!!

& your indie biz! It's great right!?