Tuesday, March 16

what a weekend

First of all we had an amazing response to our birthday blog party over at Hello Ladies. It was too fun, five lucky people got some prizes!

We had the girls this weekend, so Brand decided that we should all go see Alice in Wonderland. NOTE: we were going to go Thursday night, but my stomach was a little bit unhappy so I didn't know if I could handle the 3D-ness of the film. SO, Saturday night, we went and saw it as the cute little family that we are. It was my first ever movie in 3D and I really liked it. There were a few parts in there that I could have completely done without (the floating heads, the dragon's head being.....yeah, yucky). I was also having problems understanding what the heck they were saying, when the Mad Hatter switched to that Scottish accent....I was lost. I will be glad when it comes out on DVD and I can subtitle it.  :-)
The best part of the movie for my was the dresses that Alice wore! That red dress.......AMAZING!!! and the cute little one the Mad Hatter made for her in the teapot.....genius.

STILL not done with the bathroom remodel..... I rolled the paint on the bathroom doors Saturday morning, and after a few minutes I saw that it was bubbling.....the whole thing (4 accordian door type things) have to be scraped and then sanded and repainted.......UGH. BUT, the bathroom colors look really nice, so I am excited about how it is turning out. I will get pics up soon.

Oh, wanted to send a shout-out to Lindsay over at Pixies and Bears, she is having a really neat-o giveaway, and you should totally go check it out.  :)

I am pretty excited about Spring Break this year, not because I get to go anywhere, but I think Krystle and I are gonna spend a few days cranking out some Hello Ladies goodness...... that makes me super happy!

Have a great night everyone!


Lindsay said...

awwww your so sweet :)
I really hope to see the Alice in Wonderland movie like ASAP!!!! Hope you have a happy Tuesday! Love your blog!! Im a new follower :)

Krystle said...

Yes! We ARE going to be making awesome stuff. I miss you a little haha.
p.s. You're right, Lindsay is doing a pretty A-mazing give away!