Tuesday, March 30

You Know You Work in....

So my co-worker Christy found this funny list - "You Know You work in Church Communications When..." We laughed our butts off. There were over 100 things, but I wanted to share a few that were SO true to my line of work....church graphics and communication ...  :)

- You've used "at" as a cross.
- You use the word "relevant" to describe most things.
- Many sentences directed at you start with "I don't know if this is possible, but..." OR "We need this by tomorrow"...
- If somehow a spelling error sneaks through, your dedication to serving the Lord is questioned.
- When watching commercials on TV you can readily identify the fonts used.
-You are the only one who knows what pixelated means.
- Graphic Designer also means printer, trimmer, e-mailer, web-updater, tech support, volunteer, interface runner..etc.
- People are nice to you because you bail them out of messes caused by lack of planning.
- Lack of planning is blamed on the Holy Spirit.
-You are given a flyer from the church down the road and told to design one that looks exactly like it, but change the colors.
-You would rather give up a finger than have to attend another creative planning meeting.
- Any design with the word "women" in it needs to be pink.
- You're in charge of communication, but no one communicates with you.

If you work at a church...then you totally relate.  :)
Will be back a little later for a real post.