Thursday, March 11

Excited about Tomorrow!!!

In case you didn't know, tomorrow is the 1 year Birthday of Hello Ladies (my Biz with my BFF's).

All week I've been working on 2 things when I got home, the bathroom remodel (which should be done by the weekends'.......end) and the Hello Ladies Birthday Blog Party. Tomorrow from .... sometime in the morning, till ..... sometime in the evening (do u like those specifics?) we are having a Birthday Party on the Hello Ladies Blog. There will be at least 5 giveaways (at least), 'meet the Ladies' posts, 'visit the blogs we love' posts...... it's just going to be a good time. If you aren't a follower of the blog, become one so you won't miss out on a second of birthday goodness. We will also do one giveaway for just our facebook fans, so totally become a fan of us there!

Anywhoooo, I think Brand and I are going to see Alice in Wonderland tonight......i think. Not going to lie - Johnny Depp is a little creepy in the trailers, so we shall see.... 

OH and I watched the Eclipse Trailer today....yay!
(don't hate - if you don't like it, I'm not out there bashing your choice of movies, books or lifestyle...hehehe).
It's going to be fun. I know where I will be June 29th at midnight.  :)

I think that's all for this evening, Just wanted to give you a heads up on the blog giveaway tomorrow and hope that you stop by!


TDT Designs said...

I ordered my New Moon the other day lol. Will arrive in the mail next week. I won't judge I'm right there with you! I'm currently re-reading New Moon on my Kindle. People make fun of me cause I have the books and of course the first ones I downloaded when I got my Kindle were all the Twilight books :)