Monday, March 22

Weekend Update and Yumm-O Recipe

Another crazy weekend! At some point these crazy weekends will stop ...... I hope.


On Sunday our church rented out the local skating rink and we had such a great time! Gabby could barely move on the skates without falling when she first started, but she was movin' and a groovin' by the end! I was so proud of her. Kayla only skated for a little while, she spent most of the time people watching. I did really well helping Gab out, and then she took one tumble and I went down with avoid squishing her, I hurt myself pretty bad. I landed on my right palm which hurt my entire wrist/hand area, last night I could barely move my arm, but today, it is behaving better (thank you Jenna, Jordan and Jess for praying).
Cuteness on skates!
Gabby "Racing" (she's the one on the ground)
The Famous Fall
The Hokey Pokey


Now for the Yumm-o recipe! This is my semi-famous Mexican Dressing, not sure why it's called that, but that's what it's called. My momma taught me how to make this early on in my married life, and it has saved my butt many a time. SUPER DUPER easy, I have never "messed" up the recipe, so try it out even if you think you can't cook!  :)


2 medium Chicken Breasts
1 can Rotel
2 cans Cream of Mushroom soup (can also use cream of chicken)
1/4 block of Velveeta
1 bag of Nacho Cheese Doritoes
shredded cheese (several handfuls in dressing and on top)
- Boil chicken, chop into chunks (keep broth for later) OR chop the chicken and then boil, I have done it both ways.

- In large bowl - melt the velveeta with some milk (like cheese dip)

- After cheese is melted, combine cheese dip, soup and rotel (looks really gross, but don't worry about looks)

- add chicken, a couple of handfuls of cheese and doritos. NOTE: Crush Doritos (in the bag, not super crushed, but not really large peices)

- Mix ingredients (should be kinda soupy). The mix needs to be a little bit "soupy" because the juice will soak into the chips, and if there is not enough liquid, the dressing will be dry. If your mix is too dry add some of your chicken broth.

- Spray Pam in a 9x13 clear baking dish (or you can use 2 smaller ones) pour mixture in the baking dish.

- Add cheese mixture to the top of your dress and then bake @ 350 until the top cheese is melted and middle is hot.

SOOOOO good!


Jerskuh said...

It WAS a busy weekend, but so fun too! It's fun hanging with you ladies. :) Aaaaand, I think I might make mexican dressing tonight!

Krystle said...

My mom taught me to make this when she started working and I was taking on the supper making responsibilities...we just call it mexican chicken haha...i guess the rotel makes it mexican??

Carmen said...

Yum! Looks delicious!