Tuesday, February 23

ahhh - the weekend

so sorry about not posting this weekend.....it was a weekend of highs and lows. Friday I spent most of the day working on Hello Ladies business, and getting things together for the inventory photoshoot on Saturday. On Saturday we rocked out an AMAZING photoshoot with our models Jess VonD and Jordan B (you girls were absolutely perfect). I will get those pics uploaded VERY soon.

Saturday afternoon, me, Sarah, Krystle and Jessica headed to HotSprings and ate at Rod's Pizza Cellar......the best pizza, and then did a little shopping at TJMaxx and a few resale stores, got some great finds! Had a Ladies Craft night at church and then got home ..... and was sick .... all .... night....long. I think realized that I ate a pizza completely covered in pork products (which I am suppose to have NO pork according to my blood type diet) ..... yeah.... it was not a good night. I woke up at 4 am still sick, but around 7 - I started to feel better and got dressed and headed to church. I did okay at church, but couldn't stay too long after, because I started to feel icky again. By 9pm that night (after a 4 hour nap) I was feeling much better! AND this morning I am at about 93% ..... so YAY!

I finished a super secret project for my aunt.....which I can't so pics of, because she will totally snoop and find out what it is, I think she will get the present Thursday and I will be able to show you some pics. She is gonna LOVE it!

SOOO many project to work on this week, it's a great thing I am feeling better! Wishing you all a happy work week!


Krystle said...

haha i was totally about to talk to Aunt Wanda about this super secret present...but then I thought it could possibly be a surprise. Then I thought, well if I thought it Mandy thought it because we're the same person...so it must be a surprise. And then I didn't say anything to her about it. The moral of this little story is. We. are. the. same. person.

Mandy Deitering said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! and very true, it is a super secret! hehehehee

Amarettogirl said...

So great to be introduced to your busy crafty life. I just made a secret gift for my cousin but I spilled the beans on my blog first - but she was still surprised cuz no one told her and she got the box before the blog!
So nice to meet you - I'm a fellow classmate in the INdie 2.0 class! Hope we get to share more throughout the course!
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