Friday, February 19

caution: busy weekend ahead....

As promised here is the collection of fabric I bought last weekend at an estate sale......I am so excited about diving in.  :)

I forgot to tell you that Brand surprised me with roses on V-Day, they were in my office at work/church when we got there Sunday morning....super sneaky, sneaky.

I finished another baby quilt top! Woohoo, though I will say, the pink corduroy in this quilt was the devil! I would have had it finished sooner, but UGH, that stupid stuff was hard to sew straight....oh well, it turned out cute. (pst - it also has houndstooth, so it is extra cute)

The other day I posted places I would like to "get away" to over on the Hello Ladies blog, and I just wanted to feature the Low Impact Woodland House over here on Just Mandyness. Brand has always talked about wanting to building a house in the side of a hill or something like that, and I've always blown him off, but if we could make it look like this.....where is my shovel?  :)
I am not "green" by any stretch of the imagination, but this house is AMAZING!

I have a super easy project I am working on, and I will show you as soon as I have time to take pics, I saw it over at Violet Bella's Blog and I had to go get one.

Gotta run! Alot to do before the HelloLadies PhotoShoot tomorrow.


IM GIRL said...

This house is crazy sweetand dreamy. I would feel like a tiny visitor in a Fairies House!