Wednesday, February 3

quick post

Sooo, I totally ordered some of these off Etsy (Chocolate Swirl Marshmallows) and I am not very patiently waiting for them. I have never had homemade marshmallows, but I am excited to try. 

On facebook everyone is doing their celebrity look alike and so sad for me .... I don't think I look like anyone famous... but my hubby is a mix of these 3 guys. Seriously when he use to go pay his JC Penney bill at the store, the ladies would swoon, it was a little weird.
Freddie Prinze Jr. is my vote.... But all four guys are pretty cute!

Be back a little later tonight!

Who was your celebrity look alike?


kate said...

Whoa mandy, that is crazy! I don't really have any celeb lookalikes either. have you tried myheritage? you upload a pic of yourself and it tells you based on spacial characteristics etc. who you look like. Accuracy is questionable, but it's still pretty fun!