Monday, February 1

Yay for ME!

SOOO yippeee for me I won this cute bracelet from the blog I am super excited, and you should totally go checkout the blog and the etsy shop!

So it's the first day of February, and I am pretty excited about how this year is shaping up! The Hello Ladies biz is kickin' into high gear (still haven't sold anything.....totally go check out the Etsy store....tell a friend, tell a stranger...tell someone). We have a photoshoot scheduled for this weekend, along with a gazillion other things I have to do this weekend, but we have real "models" and it's gonna be a great time.

Totally went and saw "When in Rome" with my buddies last night.......WAY CUTE!

Also saw these movies....I know, I am WAY behind on seeing movies...

Hilarious! I love Rainn Wilson

Not exactly what I expected, quirky, but I liked it.

I never thought Adrien Brody was cute in any way....but he was very charming and cute in this movie. The Brothers Bloom was very clever and stylish, with twists and turns and was a bit confusing. Would I watch it again?.....yes. Would I buy it for my collection?....probably not.

Anywho, got a busy night tonight!


Jerskuh said...

I LOVE the cuff! I want one! Annnd "When in Rome" was soooo cute. Did you happen to notice that the same guy that was the paint in "When in Rome" is on the the guys in "The Rocker"?

Mandy Deitering said...

I will let you borrow! :)

Will Arnet - yes he was in both. Rainn Wilson was also in Juno.

Desiree said...

Look at you gettin all lucky!!! ;o) P.S. I love Rainn Wilson too...secretly! Oh and totally wish I had a hamburger phone to chat on...maybe they could make an iphone hamburger phone!!! bahhaha how funny would that be!